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American ‘Kill List’

So here is some more information on how one ends up on the list of Americans to be killed by order of the president: Secret panel can put Americans on “kill list’. Here is my favorite part…

Officials confirmed that a second American, Samir Khan, was killed in the drone attack that killed Awlaki. Khan had served as editor of Inspire, a glossy English-language magazine used by AQAP as a propaganda and recruitment vehicle.

But rather than being specifically targeted by drone operators, Khan was in the wrong place at the wrong time, officials said. Ruppersberger appeared to confirm that, saying Khan’s death was “collateral,” meaning he was not an intentional target of the drone strike.

So the second American killed was just ‘collateral’ which means he was basically guilty through association. Glad that got cleared up, I would hate for there to be any controversy on the second death.

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